Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Hamlet still disturbs us?

Many students face different and sometimes difficult tasks during their period of study. Some of them have to research new trends and gain new knowledge on different subjects, some of them should analyze new texts and new theories but almost every student studies to do this by analyzing some well-known, old and universally accepted theories or facts. For those students who are enrolled at Humanities, Hamlet essay represents one of the most common and popular writing assignments. Yet, despite the fact that this tragedy is several centuries old and has already become one of the most popular works in the literature, students nevertheless are baffled and sometimes perplexed by this assignment. Let us examine how it should be written. I would like to start with some obvious fact- you should read Hamlet before you start working on your essay. Do not succumb to the common mistakes of many students who compose their essays, based on the critical works of others. Undoubtedly there is a plethora of comments on this work as well as published critical analysis. However, your tutor would like to see your understanding of this work. You should impartially evaluate the character of Hamlet, his inclinations, motives and his thoughts.

Try to answer several questions - why for instance the death of the farther has not been avenged immediately? What prompted Hamlet to delay it? What guided Hamlet? Many commentators hold the opinion that Hamlet was guided by some indecision or procrastination, or juts he was of high moral principles. However, there is a large group of critics who are inclined to contend that Hamlet’s deeds should be explained by external factors rather than internal psychological ones. According to this point of view Hamlet gave Claudius benefit of doubt and wanted to make sure that charges brought against him by ghost were true. What is your point of view and your contention on the theories mentioned? Why? Undoubtedly analysis of Hamlet, his thoughts and his deeds is one of the most common topics that can be assigned by your tutor. However, you may be assigned with various topics, ranging from similarities and differences between the heroes of the drama, relationship between four sons and four women, and other topics. In order to complete this type of an essay, one should read some critical work on Hamlet, yet only after you have read the book, you might borrow some ideas but only when you indicate the source.

Needles, to say that this is imperative to indicate the sources when quoting; otherwise you may be accused of plagiarism. Despite the fact that Hamlet essay is a unique type of an essay, some other types of the writing assignments, such as political science essay has many features in common with it. However, I would like to single out some peculiar points of this type of assignment: 1)One should choose an interesting topic. One should not treat this advice lightly, unfortunately too many students have succumbed to popular trend-choosing topics they are not really interested in, as the result they complicate the process of the writing of the paper by researching and investigating the event or personality that does nut interest them. 2)Once you have chosen it, you should be able to show the reader the reason of your choice, why are you interested in the events, problems, personalities mentioned. Why in your opinion it is vital to study it? Whatever the topic of your assignment is and whatever problem you are investigating, one should not confine oneself to theoretical studies in political science.

Remember, you should be creative and imaginative in order to write this type of an assignment. And certainly, you should be persuasive. It is very important to enlist evidence to back up your assertions and facts to support your contentions. In order to do this, one can study the guide on persuasive essay, which techniques might help you in composing and designing other types of the essays. Let me give you just one final advice-whatever type of the essay you are assigned with, and whatever topic you have chosen-read essay guides before you start working on your assignment.


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